September 14, 2018

Why Join a Life Group? Part 4

“Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the Good News that Jesus is the Christ.” Acts 5:42 (NIV)

Just like a baby develops, matures and grows healthy in the environment of a loving home, a born-again Christ follower needs a church family to nurture their faith.  We’ve been exploring the benefits of a life group and why every Christ follower needs to be connected in fellowship with other Christ followers.  We need one another.  The Bible calls the church the body of Christ.  Our bodies need every member to be connected in order to function.  My favorite metaphor for the church in the Bible is the family of God.  We each share the indwelling Christ and are intimately related to one another. Whenever we gather together, even if it’s just two or more, the Bible tells us that Christ is in our midst!  This promise offers us the final two benefits for being a part of a life group:

7. You will deepen your understanding of worship. 

Many believers mistakenly believe that worship can only happen on Sunday morning in a large group with a pastor teaching, and a choir singing, and an offering basket being passed. But the truth is that worship happens anytime we focus on God. Sometimes that happens best in a life group where believers can pray or sing together. Many groups will set aside times to share communion together as they remember the sacrifice of Christ for us and the connection we have together in Him.

8. You will be a New Testament Christian! 

The Book of Acts is very clear about how God intends for His people to grow and have their needs met in the church. We will never be able to hire enough professional pastors to meet all the individual needs in our church family. God never intended for it to be that way. Life groups provide the best environment for ministry to happen as we do life together.

If you want to experience spiritual growth exponentially in your life, then connect now with a life group.  We are seeing hundreds of groups form as we launch a study on living life with no regrets!  This is a great time to meet new friends and get a fresh start.  Visit our Life Groups page for more information!