March 8, 2013

Unconditionally His

Love risks complete rejection. You see, the big question is, what if I risk total commitment, and I risk being awkward, and I risk letting go, and then they don’t reciprocate? What happens if they don’t love me back? What happens if I love them, but they hurt me? In Romans 5:8 it says, “But God put His love on the line for us by offering His son in sacrificial debt, but we were of no use whatever to Him.” Love is not love unless you risk not being loved in return. The reason why God’s love is so incomprehensibly insane is that the God of the universe, who is holy and perfect, had everything He needed and created me to love me. He created you as an object of His love, and He wants you to love him back, but He didn’t put a computer chip in your brain that programmed you to love Him back and do all the right things. No. He gave us the power to reject Him. The God of the universe reached out His hand to you, with His heart in His hand. He said, “I love you this much.”

Today, there are so many people that just shoot another arrow into His heart, but He keeps on loving them. The atheist that denies Him, that spends his whole life arguing and getting mad at a God who supposedly doesn’t exist. God keeps reaching out His heart and loving him because there is nothing you can do to make God love you any less or any more than He does right now. Why would the God of the universe risk everything for me? It’s insane. When I began to understand how much God loves me, that He reaches out His hand, and He unconditionally loves me no matter what, it frees me up to love you unconditionally no matter what. It frees me up to step out and to love others whether they love me back or not. It frees me to step out and risk total commitment in my marriage relationship, to risk total commitment with my kids, to risk total commitment here in the church. Love never fails. Roofs may fail. Buildings may fail. People will fail you, but love will never fail. It always hopes. It always perseveres. It always believes and it never fails.