November 22, 2012

The Success Treadmill

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

In order to find our significance we must stop running on the treadmill of success. In the heart of every person burns an intense desire to lead a life of significance. We all want a purpose in life. We all want to matter. The problem is, many times we don’t understand that one of our top needs is significance, so we settle for success. Like everyone else, we get on this treadmill of success. Every one of us does it. We experience a little bit of success, and we like the taste of success, so we say if I work hard, and I’m successful, maybe if I work a little bit harder I’ll be even more successful. So we go just a little bit faster, and then we look around us, and we see that all the other people are going faster than we are on their treadmill of success, so we think, man, I’ve got to really step it up. So, we go faster. Pretty soon we are addicted to success, and we think, I’ve got to go faster, and we go faster and faster and faster. Before we know it, we are trapped on the treadmill of success, and it just goes faster and faster and faster, and we don’t know how to get off. Some of you can really relate. We can all relate.

The problem I see is not when people fail to achieve their goals, the problem is when they do achieve their goals, but they are the wrong goals. It’s like the guy I read about recently who said I am three times more successful than I ever dreamed I could be, but I still have this nagging feeling that somewhere I missed the point. That’s because what you need is not success, what you need is significance. To know that your life matters. That’s the very thing that God wants to give us. He wants to give us significance. It’s through our failures that we realize, we are totally dependent upon Him. When we totally depend upon Him, He can meet our needs. The things that everyone is searching for, that everyone is running towards, can only be found when you step off the treadmill of success, and you start depending totally upon Him. In what areas have you found freedom by becoming completely dependent on God?