October 5, 2016

The Miracle Map: Part 1

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”
Job 5:9 (NIV)

Embedded in every miracle is a real treasure map that can lead us to the X that marks the spot where we, too, can experience the miracle we need most. Now, I’m not saying there’s some secret Bible decoder that will open up hidden messages within the miracles of Jesus. But, I do believe there are principles that can help you and me find the miracle we need most, one that will bring us into a closer and deeper relationship with the Source of all miracles. I call these principles the Miracle Map. They are keys to deeper understanding, and they help us navigate through Jesus’ miracles and apply the truth to our own lives today.

As you review the miracles of Jesus in the New Testament, you’ll discover five principles that make up what I call the Miracle Map and help steer our search for the miracle we need most.

1. The first principle of the Miracle Map is this: God always starts with the miracle you need most. The journey to find your miracle always begins with God, and God always meets you at the point of your need. You invite a miracle in your life by bringing your request to Christ, the source of miracles. One of the miracles that illustrates this principle most is when Jesus healed blind Bartimaeus. In Mark 10:51, Jesus asked him, “What do you want me to do for you?” It was the question that prompted the blind beggar to speak his humble and straightforward prayer to Christ: “I want to see.” That was the miracle he needed most! What is it you need most? Humbly make your request to God. This blind man was poor and, most likely, homeless. He could have asked for money or housing. His name meant “Son of Timaeus.” He didn’t even have his own identity! He was just known as the blind beggar! What a status in life! He could have asked for social standing or popularity, but his greatest need was to see. If he could see, he could get all of those other things. Jesus met him at his greatest point of need. Yet, Jesus knew this blind beggar had an underlying need that he wasn’t even aware of yet. It was a need that led to the second principle of the Miracle Map.

2. The second principle of the Miracle Map is this: The miracle you need most leads you to what you really need most – a deeper relationship with God. After Jesus gave Bartimaeus his miracle and he was able to see, Scripture says, “Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.” Mark 10:52 (NIV) I love the imagery of that verse. Bartimaeus physically followed Jesus down the road; but, I believe it’s more important that he followed Jesus with his whole heart and life. That’s because miracles never leave us where they find us. Miracles change our path in life or cause us to follow Jesus more closely along that path. Miracles sometimes transport us from a place of being stuck to a place of experiencing freedom. They give us a new, vibrant perspective in place of the old, faded and dim perspective. They open up a whole new future for us, with hope that God is guiding our lives with purpose and meaning. Bartimaeus thought the miracle he needed most was healing from his blindness; but, what he really needed most was a relationship with Jesus, a deep and daily walk with the only source of healing, joy, meaning, peace and purpose. That’s the X that marks the spot of the real treasure! God starts with the miracle we think we need most, but the real miracle He’s trying to take us to is a rich and deeper relationship with Him. He is the only treasure that will truly satisfy our lives!

Join us tomorrow for more of the Miracle Map. These are only the first two principles that will lead us into a stronger connection with the Source of all miracles!