July 4, 2013

The Kingdom of God

Now, in Matthew 6:10, Jesus taught us the Lord’s Prayer. He said this is how you pray. This verse is probably the most important part of the Lord’s Prayer. Look at it with me.

“May your kingdom come; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Now, this is probably the most misunderstood phrase in all the Lord’s Prayer. What is God’s Kingdom anyway? God’s Kingdom is His plan for history. It’s His rule and reign in the universe. So, where is God’s Kingdom? It’s wherever He’s allowed to rule and be King. If you allow God to be King of your heart and life, then His Kingdom is within you, and you’ll have peace because wherever His kingdom is, there is peace. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done. Wherever God’s will is done, that is where His kingdom is. So, instead of doing my own thing and having my own plan, I accept God’s plan, His purpose, and His will for my life.

There is a very difficult part to accepting God’s plan and purpose and thy will be done. It means I’ll have to accept some things that I cannot change. To accept God’s plan and God’s will and be filled with peace. Change everything that you can, but what about the things you can’t? How do you have peace when you get frustrated over something that’s unchangeable? A circumstance that you’ve tried to change, but you just can’t change it? Or, a person that really needs to change, but you can’t change them? Being resentful, feeling guilty, or having a pity party doesn’t produce peace. There is only one thing that will bring peace when you face a circumstance that you cannot change, and that’s acceptance. To accept God’s Will. Saying, “God, I’ve tried to change this and I can’t. I would love for You to change it, but if You won’t, I know You know what’s best, and I accept Your will and Your plan for my life.” When you do that, you are filled with peace.