June 8, 2018

The Healing Waters of Baptism – Janet’s Grace Story

Each year, we witness the miracle of life change in our Super Summer Baptism Celebration at Woodlands Church!  It’s my favorite event of the year! What a thrill to see God at work, healing hurts and restoring lives! Each one is a grace story!  Last year, Janet took that step following a painful experience in her life that could have left her shattered and bitter.  She shares how God would write a new chapter in her life that filled the emptiness and gave her purpose to live again!

“My life before Christ felt like there was always something missing whether it was through the happy times in my life or the times when it felt like I had no one. The day before my only son lost his life in a hiking accident, he had a dream of falling and, in the dream, he died. But, before his body ever touched the ground, he had the most powerful wings. He stood up to show me with the biggest smile and such excitement.  He said that he could feel the wind and a great power underneath his wings. He could see the ground beneath him and, when he looked around, he wasn’t alone. He said that he had angels beside him.

The next day was the accident and, when I heard the news, I dropped to my knees and cried out to God, “Please let it be a mistake!” I can still remember the moment at the accident site when the officer looked up at me from down below as I sat waiting in the truck. I knew, in my heart, that my son was gone. I reached for the door as passing cars sped by me on the highway. I had lost everything that I had in this whole world. How could I go on?

After getting home, I was very much in shock, and I started reflecting on the dream that my son had shared with me. I realized that God had given that to me as a sign that my son is with Him.

I have shared my son’s story with anyone who will listen in hopes that it can be the one thing that will help people in times of grieving that our loved one’s story isn’t finished. It goes on, and we will see them again one day.

The day I was baptized, it felt like I had entered a new life and could leave even more of the pain behind me.

I continue to share God’s word and the experience that I had with my baptism at Woodlands Church, thankful to everyone that prayed for me and shared that day with me.”

One of the miracles I see in baptism each year is how God brings healing and new beginnings.  Have you taken that step as a Christ follower?  Jesus began His earthly ministry with a public baptism!  Miracles followed that simple step of obedience to His Father.  I wonder what miracle will follow your experience as you take that same step of baptism.  Our annual Super Summer Baptism Celebration is this weekend at a Woodlands Church campus near you.  Register now and experience the miracle awaiting you!