February 25, 2013

The Hand of God

There are times in our life when we are blindsided, and it’s hard for us to see what God’s up to. We are sort of blind to God’s goodness, and we’ve all been blindsided in life, but some of the blind sides are those hits that come from out of nowhere that knock you to your knees. We’ve all been blindsided in life, and today, let us focus on a guy in the Old Testament named Joseph, who was blindsided. He just got hit over and over again by unexpected changes that came into his life, and yet, after all the storm clouds dissipated, all that was left was the goodness of God in his life. Joseph was a teenager when he got a dream from God that he was going to be a great leader one day, but Joseph was his Dad’s favorite, so his brothers just hated him. Joseph had this dream that he hung onto, but the dream was blindsided time and time again.

He was blindsided by impossibility, imprisoned by impossibility, but yet, he never gave in. See, Joseph was not blinded to God’s goodness in his life. Every step of the way he could look through the swirling storm clouds and see the hand of God. And that’s why God continued to work in his life. That’s why God’s hand of favor was always upon him, and that’s why God raised him from the pit to the palace.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good, to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20.

What they intended for harm and evil and bad, God was in the middle of the storm bringing good. And so, Joseph saw that even though he had been blindsided over and over again, he saw God’s goodness in it all. Now, God is a good God. He doesn’t cause bad things to happen. The Bible says God is good all the time. So He doesn’t cause evil. He doesn’t cause bad things to come into your life, but let’s face it, he’s God. He’s in control. He’s all powerful. He’s all knowing, and so He allows bad things into my life at times. But even when He allows the storm into our lives, His hand of goodness is always there. In fact, all the storms that Joseph went through, every time he was blindsided, God’s goodness was in the fury of the storm.

Do you see the hand of God moving in your storm?