July 5, 2019

The Challenge of Our Generation

… after David had done the will of God in his own generation, he died and was buried with his ancestors ….” Acts 13:36b (NLT)

It’s the challenge of every generation to do the will of God.  The truth is we are always just one generation away from extinction. One of the saddest Bible verses to me is found after the greatest conquest in Israel’s history.  Joshua had led them into the Promised Land after 40 years of wilderness wanderings and over 20 years of battles.  But, something happened that explains the dark days of Israel’s history when every man did what was right in his own eyes and they suffered such great defeatJudges 2:10 says,

“After that generation died, another generation grew up who did not acknowledge the Lord or remember the mighty things He had done for Israel.” 

The next verse opens with the natural consequences –

“The Israelites did evil in the Lord’s sight … they abandoned the Lord … And they angered the Lord.”  Judges 2:11, 12 (NLT)

How is it that a generation, especially in Israel’s history, can grow up and not know the Lord?  We only have to look at our own history to find the answer.  Our challenge today in our generation is to do the will of God as revealed in the Word of God.  David was just one man; yet, when he did the will of God in his generation, it changed the history of Israel.  It led to the greatest period of peace and prosperity in their history! 

In Acts 13:22, the Bible said David was called “a man after God’s own heart.”  You and I are challenged to be people like that.  How?  That same verse goes on to explain,

“God said, ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after My own heart.  He will do everything I want him to do.”

If we want to be a people after God’s own heart, we must be willing to do everything He wants us to do.  It begins with our will.  Will we?  Will you say, “Yes, Lord.  I am willing to do whatever You want me to do.”  Begin now by doing what He has already revealed in His Word.  It could change a whole generation!