August 2, 2013

The Beauty of Connection

Why does the Bible use the body as an illustration of the church? It’s real simple. The parts of the body grow together.

Col. 2:19 says, “For we are joined together in His body by His strong sinews, and we grow only as we get our nourishment and strength from God.”

The parts of a baby’s body all grow at the same rate. An arm doesn’t just keep growing while a baby doesn’t grow. No, all the parts grow together. But if the arm is disconnected from the body, that arm can no longer grow. If you are disconnected from the body of Christ, you can’t grow spiritually and become all God wants you to be. It’s as simple as that. If I’m disconnected from the body of Christ, I can’t grow. The Christian life is not just a matter of believing. It’s also a matter of belonging. You say, “Well I believe in Jesus.” Well great. You’re halfway there. Now you need to belong and connect to the body of Christ. Your needs will be met, and you will no longer have that disequilibrium in your spirit. You’ll be balanced because you are connected.

In the New Testament there was a woman who had been sick for years and doctors didn’t know what to do for her. In a desperate attempt for relief, she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. Some of you need to be healed today. You need to be healed emotionally or spiritually or both. Your schedule has been detrimental to your body, your soul, your spirit, and your mind. So, what if you could touch the body of Christ like this woman, just reach out and touch and connect with the God who created you? Well, you can. The body of Christ is the church; the church is not a building. It is people. It is you and me. Can you think of a time in your life where you were closer to God and the church than you are right now? Have you pulled away or slowly drifted? If you have, it’s time for you to come back home and reconnect.