July 8, 2013

Surrender to the King

Psalm 37:7 says, “Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.” We don’t like that word surrender a whole lot because it means waving the white flag. It means throwing in the towel. It means giving up. We don’t like to give up, but the only pathway to peace is giving up control of our lives. Every day I have a choice to make. I get to decide who’s going to be in control of my life. Am I going to be in control of my life, or am I going to give up to God’s control of my life?

One of the greatest stresses of our lives is trying to be in control. One of the worst things that can happen is you see a little glimpse and say, “Hey, I’m going to be able to get my life under control. I think I’m really going to do it this time.” Then it all unravels like Bill Butterworth, a humorist, says. I really like the title of his new book. I Got My Life All Together, But It Fell Apart Before I Could Show My Friends. I feel like that all the time. It’s together now; let’s bring some people over so they can see it. I have to come to that place every day where I say, “God, I give up. I wave the white flag. I throw in the towel. I surrender. I place my life under Your control and I need You to give me the power to live the Christian life.

The good news is this. If you are a believer, God’s Spirit lives inside you, and through His power and strength and love, He can shine through you and love through you, and that’s what He wants to do. Who better to live the Christian life than Christ himself? He wants to do that through you. Job 22:21 tells us the real reason why we lose our peace of mind. It says, “Stop quarreling with God! If you agree with him, you will have peace at last, and things will go well for you.” The real problem why we lose our peace of mind is we are at war with God over control of our lives. That’s it, isn’t it? When a circumstance comes into our life that’s beyond our control, when a person hurts us and we’d like to change them or do something to them, when a problem comes into our life that’s unexplainable, who are we really angry at? We’re angry at God because we can’t control everything, only He can. It’s time to surrender to the King?