November 19, 2012

Substitutes that Steal Our Happiness

You shall not make yourselves any idols… You must never bow or worship it in any way...” Exodus 20:4-5

We no longer have idols of wood and stone and gold and silver and bronze like they did in the ancient world, but we still have our idols. An idol is anything we substitute for God in our lives. Whenever I put anything ahead of God as first place in my life, it becomes an idol. It can even be a good thing, but if I substitute it for God in my life, it then becomes an idol. Some people park their idols in the garage. Some people dock their idols at the marina. Some people live in their idol. Some people put their idol in the bank or in the stock market.

There are a lot of things that we, at times, allow to be first place in our life instead of God, and they become an idol. You were born to worship. You were created to worship. Your main purpose in life is to worship God. If you don’t worship God, you will worship something because that is what you were made to do. Archeologists tell us that in every civilization, all throughout history, there have always been idols. They’ve unearthed little statuettes of gold, wood or stone, these little gods and goddesses that people worshipped. That’s because man has always made the mistake of trying to turn objects or people into objects of worship. You were born, you were made, you were created to worship. If you don’t worship God, you’ll worship something, even if it’s just yourself. When you start calling the shots in your life, you are playing God, and really, you make yourself an idol.

God, thank you for today. Thank you for everything you have blessed me with. Help me to not make an idol out of the things you have blessed me with. Help me to remember that you are God and earthly idols will always let me down. Amen.