November 13, 2013

Still in the Game

I’m sure that when Peter remembered the words of Jesus in Matthew 16:18, he must have thought, “Hey, I’ll never be the rock that people can count on, or be the person that Jesus thought I could be. I’ll never be used of God again, I’ll never, I’ll never, I’ll never.” He was living in “never land.” The first time he went to never land was because of his pride. He said, “I will never fail.” But now he’s in never land because of discouragement. “I will never be used of God again.” Some of you are in never land right now. You think you’ll never change and you think you’ll never be used of God. You are wrong. God always has a purpose and plan for your life. He’s the God of second chances.

After Jesus rose from the dead, the ladies were coming to the tomb to anoint His body, and the angel was there to tell them, “Hey, He’s not here. You are looking in the wrong place. He’s alive.” But the angel said something else very important. Mark 16:7 says, “Now go and tell His disciples, including Peter, that Jesus is going ahead of you to Galilee.” Notice the words ‘including Peter.’ Jesus knew that Peter was living in never land thinking he would never be used again. But the news he heard was, “Hey, tell Peter that he’s still in the game and he’s still a part of my plan. Tell Peter I still believe in him.” Those words “including Peter,” changed everything in his life. If you’ve experienced setbacks and doubt, that’s what He says to you today. “I still have a plan for you. I haven’t given up on you.” Each of you is part of his eternal plan.