May 23, 2013

Something Out of Nothing

In my devotional time a while back, I was reading the story of creation in Genesis, Chapter 1. As I was journaling about it, God really impressed upon me that the same process that God used to create the world is the same creative process He wants to use in my life to create a genesis of new growth and opportunities.

Maybe you feel like you’re in a place of stagnation right now, where you’ve lost all your creativity and all your passion. Maybe you’re at a place of stagnation in your career, or you feel like you’re at a place of stagnation in your walk with God and your spiritual growth. Maybe you feel like you’re at this place of stagnation in your marriage or in a relationship or a place of stagnation in your personal growth. This is the divine process God wants to use in your life to help you break out of that, to break out of the stagnation and re-create a genesis of life change.

All new beginnings begin with God. All growth starts with God. In the beginning was God, and God wants to start something new in your life. The word created in Hebrew is the word Bara, which translated into the Latin is the phrase, Ex nihilo. Ex nihilo means out of nothing. God created out of nothing.

Now, mankind can create, but we need matter to create with. We need something to begin with to create. But God created something out of nothing, and God is the only one who can create Ex nihilo, out of nothing, and He is still in the business of creating something out of nothing.

Maybe you feel like you’re at this place of nothingness today, where you have no passion, no creativity. You feel like you’re at this place of nothingness. God can create something out of nothing. Where there is no passion, God can create passion. Maybe you feel like you have no purpose, no meaning. Where there is purposelessness, God can create purpose.

Maybe you have no direction, and you feel very confused right now about a big decision. God can create direction where there is no direction. Maybe you have no provision. You have a huge need, and you are lacking provision. God can create provision where there is a huge need and no provision.

God’s an expert at creating something out of nothing. He creates Ex nihilo, out of nothing. I believe that as we cooperate with God’s creative change process, and follow a few core principles that He has laid out in Genesis Chapter 1, that He is going to create something wonderful and new in our lives.