This is a story from our collaborative work with in-country partners in Kenya. God is doing amazing things through our Farmers’ Field Schools to empower people and change communities.

Many farmers who have trained in Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS) have joined the Microfinance initiative, pooling their savings from which members can access loans. The high accountability is very effective, and interest earned from loans is shared as dividends.
Grace, pictured here, used her loan to extend her family home.

Another farmer, Rueben, used a loan to install solar electric panels for his home,from which he and his family can earn extra income by re-charging other people’s mobile phone batteries.

After seven years of Microfinance in Maseno, there are now several groups making a total of 140 members, and not one loan has been defected! Their current savings total is almost £3,500 ($5,412 USD). Microfinance is a core element now being developed in all new Farmer Field Schools.

Please continue to pray for our in-country partners and Kenyan farmers as they continue to make new strides in lifting their communities out of poverty.

  1. Kim Gomez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that! God is good. To see Grace smiling so big and happy warmed my heart. That image so differs from the usual pictures of abject misery, lack and complete absence of hope that we usually see from those far-away lands. Truly amazing work being done. Bless you.

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