August 30, 2015

School Supply Outreach

This week thousands of kids in our community went back to school with new shoes, clothes, lunchboxes, pencils, notebooks & backpacks. It’s something every parent knows, the onset of August means back to school shopping for every new school year necessity. Still for some parents the onset of August brings anxiety and fear as they are unable to provide everything for their child. Perhaps they lost their job and haven’t found something yet, perhaps the bread-winning parent was taken ill suddenly or recovering from an accident, perhaps this is a single parent trying to do everything they can for their family. There are also foster children in our community without parents even worrying as they are going into a new school year.

Regardless of the scenario there is a child at the center of it that will go to school without the basic tools to study and learn which negatively effects their confidence, learning capacity and success in class. Yet when children are equipped with the proper tools they have greater confidence to accomplish a successful school year academically and socially. This is the gap that Woodlands Church has been strategically positioned to fill.

Woodlands Church is a community that stands for the Gospel of Hope, the Poor and Powerless and the Next Generation. School Supply Outreach is an annual opportunity that makes an impact in all three of those areas. This year across all campuses, thanks to the generosity of our WC community, we equipped 3,000 children with backpacks full of school supplies, each with a church invitation and encouraging handwritten note to point them back to Jesus. Thank you for any of the ways that you have been a part of this year’s School Supply Outreach, it could not have succeeded without you!

We wholly believe that a big church can make a big difference in our communities and around the world. Every year our congregation has the opportunity to equip thousands of local-area children, including hundreds of foster children, for a new school year. Let’s praise God for the 3,000 children’s lives we were able to impact this year, & yet look ahead believing that He has even more in store next year for School Supply Outreach!

If you would still like to give for this year, go to & choose School Supply Outreach. Thank you, again!