September 21, 2017

Restoring Real Love: Part 4

The Lord rules over the floodwaters. The Lord reigns as King forever.”  Psalm 29:10 (NLT)

To restore real love, agape love, we must stop the destructive flood of fear that creates conflict and start the restoring flood of love with loving words and actions and, most importantly, rest in the never-failing love of God!  The Bible says,

“Love never fails!” 1 Corinthians 13:8 (NLT)

God’s love, agape love, never fails, because that is who God is!  You may feel like everything around you is failing and falling apart with the storm surge of problems and pain that have swept through; you may feel like nothing’s left.  But take heart: faith, hope and love remain!  In fact, the Bible says,

“The Lord rules over the floodwaters. The Lord reigns as King forever.” Ps. 29:10 (NLT)

The flood can never wash away this God of love because He reigns over the floodwaters, and He wants to flood your life with love because that is who He is!

Jesus Christ is love!

In the beginning at creation, He was the light of love shining down on all that He created.  He was enduring love at the fall. He was rescuing love in the flood.  He was love come down in human flesh in the manger at the first Christmas. He was the miracle of love walking among us. He was the Messiah of love for all who believed. He was the Messenger of love for all who received. He’s the sacrificial Lamb of love that went to the cross. He is redeeming love that took the nails in His hands, and He’s resurrected love that rose on that third day.  He’s the voice calling out in the night saying, “I love you!”

He is the arms of love that holds us when our burdens are too heavy to bear. He is the tears of love that fall down when we fall down. He is the heart of love that breaks when our hearts are breaking, and He’s the whisper of love that gently speaks to us in the raging storms of life.  He says, “I love you; don’t give up. I will see you through. Open your heart; My promise is on the way.” 

He is the fullness of love for the empty, the freedom of love for the captives, the Rebuilder of love for the broken, the Restorer of love for the lost and the lonely. He is love’s sacrifice, love’s salvation and love’s second chance!

He is the bridge of love that bridges the gap between sinful humankind and perfect God. He is unconditional love, undying love, eternal love, and everlasting love, and one day soon He will come again and He will be love breaking through the clouds.  Love returning for His bride to bring us home.

He will be love restoring all things that are broken. Love reclaiming all things that have been stolen. Love making all things new. He will be love’s promise kept, love fulfilled! Love dispelling fear. Love destroying all death.  Jesus Christ, the Light of love, the Lamb of love, the Lion of love, the Lord of love! 

Jesus Christ.  I’m so grateful that He is love! Christianity is not some lifeless religion; it’s a love relationship with a God who is love.  Jesus Christ didn’t come to this earth, die and rise again to start a religion; He came to this earth, died and rose again to start a relationship of love with you and me.  That’s what love is all about, and we can rest in the never-failing love of God!