October 21, 2019

Questions God Asks

“Where are you?”  Gen. 3:9

Have you noticed how many questions God asked in just the first four chapters of the Bible?  “Where are you?”  “Who told you? … Have you eaten from the tree? … What have you done? …”  That was just in Genesis 3.  Then to Cain, God asks, “Why are you so angry? … Where is your brother? … Where is Abel? … What have you done?” (Genesis 4) 

If God is God, and He is, then these questions obviously were not asked for His benefit but for man’s.  Look at the first question again, “Where are you?”  It was God’s way of bringing man out of hiding.  Though Eve had been deceived, Adam had acted in willful disobedience to God’s command.  Shame, remorse, guilt and fear had all led man into hiding.  Yet there was no place to hide from God; there never is.

Are you hiding today?  It’s been said that we all have three lives; a public life that others see; a private life that is personal and intimate, as in a marriage relationship; and a secret life, hidden from everyone else.  It’s in this secret life that Satan has advantage, especially when we choose to keep it secret by trying to hide it from God and others.  The power of secret sin is in its secrecy.  Once exposed to the light, it loses its power and control over us.  That’s why Proverbs 28:13 says, “You will never succeed in life if you try to hide your sins. Confess them and give them up; then God will show mercy to you.” (TEV)

How tragic that instead of confessing their sin, Adam and Eve tried to play hide-and-seek with God.  When that didn’t work, they played the blame-and-shame game.  Even Cain, when given counsel by God about his anger, refused to repent and yielded to the sin that would make him a murderer.

The choice is ours.  Don’t let secret sin control you any longer.  You can be free of guilt, shame and the bondage of controlling sin.  How?  Confess it, don’t repress it.  Repent, don’t repeat it.  Tell God what He already knows but tell him from the brokenness of your heart.  God longs to hear your heart and heal it.  Quit blaming others and take responsibility for your own actions.  You will find mercy, not judgment, from the God who loves you.  Isn’t it time to quit hiding?  So, where are you today in your relationship with God?  There’s more, so much more, that He has in store for you.  When you get honest with God, you’ll discover the much more He has for you.

God, I’m so tired of playing hide-and-seek with you.  Today, I open my heart to you.  Forgive my willful sin.  Cleanse my heart and restore that fellowship with You for which You made me to enjoy. In Jesus Name, Amen.