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Whatever you nourish will eventually flourish.

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God desires for you to experience a life of abundance – not of possessions but of deep satisfaction and purpose in your innermost being… your soul.

We all practice nourishing our bodies, but we can forget to nourish our soul, which is the most important part of who we are. In this powerful DVD series, you’ll learn practical steps on how you can best nourish your soul; because, whatever you nourish will eventually flourish. Taking small steps to feed your soul will affect every area of your life and help you move from just surviving to thriving.

Messages Include:
#3214, Forty Days to Flourish
#1161, Flourishing Marriage (with Lee Strobel)
#7137, Flourishing in the Fire
#3215, Twenty Seconds of Courage
#3216, Super Bowl of Stress

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