January 25, 2013

One Month to Love | Day 10

“Look! I have been standing at the door, and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears Me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and He with me.” Revelation 3:20 (TLB)

Congratulations! You are completing your second week now of Lectio Divinas! Great job! This ancient art of meditating through sacred reading and prayer makes the Bible come alive as you experience the Living Word. The Bible was never intended for mere information but for transformation. It’s not enough to know the Word of God. We must come to know the God of the Word. As you do, you will learn to live in His presence and enjoy your fellowship with God. He longs to be a part of your whole life, body, soul and spirit.

In today’s Lectio Divina, you will hear the heart of Jesus longing for fellowship with you. Before you read the passage be sure to welcome His presence in your life to renew your mind and refresh your soul. Prepare for your encounter with God by clearing any distractions. That’s often a challenge for me so I am intentional to turn off the phone, find a quiet place of solitude and give God the best time of my day so that I’m mentally alert. Approach your time with God with anticipation and expectation to hear from Him.

Now read the verse for today out loud, slowly. Let your mind get familiar with what it is saying. Then read it out loud a second time and ask yourself, “What in this verse speaks to me?” You may want to jot down some thoughts in the margin of your Bible or in a prayer journal.

Read the verse again for the third time out loud. Ask God, “What do you want me to do because of what I’ve read?”


Read the verse out loud a fourth time. This time just relax and let Christ’s presence refresh your soul and renew your mind with the love that He wants to lavish on you and the fellowship you have the privilege of enjoying with Him!