June 11, 2013

New Thought Patterns

But, you also need some new thought patterns. Romans 12:2, the first part says:

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind ….”

It is not enough to have a new motivation to change. It is not enough to have a divine power within you to change. You also need some new thought patterns. You can have a redeemed heart, but then you need to have a renewed mind. It is so important because we have these old tracks that have been laid down in our brains. These old ruts, these tracks that our thought patterns have laid down for years that are negative, that are really lies, and so you have to fill in those ruts with the truth of God’s word because the train of your life will only go down the tracks that your mind has already put down. You can have Christ in your life, but if your mind is not being renewed, you are going to fall right back into the same old habit patterns. This is what so many people do not realize, and that is why the word transformed, metamorphosis in the Greek, means from the inside out. The way you are changed from the inside out is renewing your mind first. To change the way you act, you have to change the way you think. If you change the way you think, you will lay down new tracks in your brain that your life can go on. Science is now telling us what the Bible has told us all along … that when you change what you think about your brain changes physically. When you change what you think about, physiologically changes take place in your brain and synopses begin to connect that were never connected before. We have been putting these tracks down for years in our minds that are wrong. When we say:  God change me. I turn it over to you, and it is not willpower anymore. It is your power, yet we have not bothered to put some new tracks down in our brain and in our minds, some new ways of thinking.

You see whenever you sin, you believe a lie. Whenever I sin, I believe a lie. I believe this is worth it. I believe there are not going to be any consequences for this. I believe this is going to make me happy. I believe a lie. And so to break free from destructive habits I have to lay down some new tracks in my brain that are the truth. I have to fill my mind with God’s truth. This is why someone can come to Christ and be redeemed in their heart but yet then they fall back into some of the same old things because they have not had their mind renewed, and that is a process. We renew our minds by consistently meditating on the truth. I first commit my body to God; then I consistently meditate on the truth. I fill in the ruts in my brain with the truth of God’s word. How can you begin to change previously laid down tracks and renew your mind? Are you disciplined in studying God’s word each day or do you struggle in this area?