February 26, 2013

My Coat of Pride

How can God make the bad things that come into my life, good? When things go wrong, how can there be God’s goodness in the middle of it?” God had revealed His dream for Joseph’s life, but there was a lot of pride in Joseph’s dream. Joseph was his father’s favorite, and so his father made him this royal robe of many colors, and in many ways, the coat represented Joseph’s dream … that he would be royalty one day. He would be a great leader, but Joseph wore the coat proudly. I mean, he would come up to his brothers and say, “Hey guys, I had that dream again last night. It was that dream. I mean, it’s an amazing dream. It’s a dream that I’m a great leader, and you’re bowing down to me. It’s awesome. I mean…I’m this great leader, and the whole family, even Dad, is bowing down to me. I mean, it’s the coolest dream. What do y’all think about that?” Well, they didn’t think too much of it. In fact, look what they did in Genesis 37, “Here comes that dreamer,” they said to each other. When Joseph came to his brothers, they stripped him of the richly ornamented robe that he was wearing. They stole his coat that represented the pride in Joseph’s dream. He lost his coat of pride, but he didn’t lose the dream.

You see, God gives you a dream, but it’s so easy for you to get your pride and ego in it. When God gives me a dream, it’s so easy for my pride and my selfishness and ego to get mixed in with God’s dream, and so God has to steal my coat of pride so the dream can just be His dream…His pure dream for me, rather than all my dark side getting involved in it. There have been so many times in my life where God has stolen my coat, but He’s never taken the dream. I think many times God has said, “Oh, Kerry’s getting proud again. It’s time to do a little coat stealing down there.” And I feel my coat coming off, so many times I lose my pride, but I don’t lose the dream.

Do you want your dreams to be fulfilled? Then help others fulfill their dreams. Joseph realized that his dream was not a selfish dream, but it was one to serve. You see, when he was 17 years old, and he first got the dream, he really didn’t understand it. No, he saw exactly what the dream was; he just didn’t see exactly what the dream meant. Does God need to strip the coat of pride off of your dreams?