December 15, 2015

Multiplying Food Security in Kenya

Facilitators are a key component of Farmers’ Field Schools (FFS), being people who can help teach and coach core FFS values to farmers – from crop knowledge to healthy and Godly living. Facilitators are not like classroom teachers, they are people who can mentor FFS farmers using their own experience and know how to draw on and make available knowledge from other sources that can benefit farmers. Farmers that have gone through the FFS process and have natural leadership strengths are chosen to then go through an additional training to become a facilitator.

75658aaa-5967-4d34-b934-b0b0adb8e80a (400x300) Samwel Odeyo was one such farmer, he started with the Maseno Project as a trainee farmer in his FFS in 2006. Soon after graduation in 2009, Samwel was trained to facilitate and has since worked as facilitator for several FFS.

Samwel is married with 5 children and his whole family helps him farm one and a half acres. He is well known around Maseno for having become a very good farmer and businessman. In addition to growing crops, the Odeyo family run 3 cows, 3 goats and 2 sheep, and enjoy the benefits of the solar electric panels Samwel installed for their home.

Recently Samwel has been working further afield in the new Kericho region in Kenya, helping with the establishment of one of the new FFS there. Last month the first Facilitator training event was held in that region. Dr. Apollo Orodho, Director of Agronomy for our in country partner Just Earth (pictured above), oversees this specially designed training. In Kericho, 43 potential facilitators were trained by Dr. Apollo. This is a huge triumph for the growth of Farm Field Schools in Kenya!

Much like Jesus’ philosophy of multiplying disciples by people walking through life together, facilitators are necessary for FFS to multiply and continue battling food insecurity and uplifting the lives of families.

Jesus came to take back what our enemy had stolen.

Dignity, identity and even opportunity may be stolen in poverty but through FFS in the local Church, communities are reclaiming their lives and work in the Kingdom.