May 9, 2015

Mother's Day, Far Away

Mom never wanted the biggest piece of cake or the last scoop of ice cream. Mom never had to have the very latest fashion, nor did she require “the best”. She always took the least desirable seat at any event in preference to her family. Mom was always the first awake in the morning, often before the sun itself. She was typically last to sleep at the end of a long day of running here and there, serving, sacrificing, and all the while giving of herself.

For most of us, the word “MOM” has become synonymous with the word “sacrifice”.

These, plus many more, are the kinds of sacrifices that we think of when we honor our moms on Mother’s Day. But for mothers in developing countries, the idea of “sacrifice” takes on a whole new meaning.

In Haiti, a mom’s sacrifice can mean not eating for the entire day or even several days so that her child can have one small bowl of rice. It can mean walking barefoot six miles each way to sell goods in the market or to fill a jerry can with clean water for her family. It can also mean things unimaginable to our North American minds. The specifics may look different, but the idea of “sacrifice” for women in the developing world is universal.

Yet when women are empowered with economic pathways change begins to happen. When a woman can use her skill, or learn a trade that provides her a sustainable income, she has the power to lead her family into a brighter future. Suddenly she can provide her family with not only food and necessities but can send her children to school and give back to her church. She can give to her community and help other women in her same circumstance.

Papillion Enterprise in Haiti is a wonderful example of economic and educational opportunities for mothers. They primarily work with women, have literacy and education opportunities, provide health benefits and have an onsite daycare so that mothers can keep their young children with them, while their older ones are able to attend school. These kind of holistic businesses and job opportunities for women in developing countries are changing the future.

When pathways of opportunity are created for these mothers, future generations are provided greater opportunity, and that is what will change the story in developing countries like Haiti.

Creating pathways of opportunity. That is part of what WC Missions is working to do. WC Trading Co. is one expression representing this opportunity.

When you shop at WC Trading Co, you are not only buying beautifully made and ethically sourced products, you are changing lives for mothers and their families across the world. You are giving a marketplace and demand for the products these women make with their hands utilizing their God-given talents. You are saying “No” to companies that take advantage of the poor and powerless. Shopping with purpose is living out the Gospel holistically by leveraging purchases to advance Kingdom work in the lives of many.
This Mother’s Day as we honor our Moms and the significant women of our lives, let’s remember to pray for and honor Mothers around the world sacrificing for their children every day. Though sacrifice may look different in various corners of the world, the hearts of mothers remain the same.

To all the mothers out there, both near and far, we honor you! Happy Mother’s Day.