September 10, 2018

Making the Most of Your Time

… make the very most of your time….” Ephesians 5:16a (Moff)

Before we started living out the One Month to Live lifestyle, Chris and I always had good intentions, but we were never really intentional.  Now, rather than hoping we can fit things into our schedule, we are learning to “make time” for the important things. We’re learning more and more that you must make time to do the things that are the most important.

I’ve found that asking that clarifying question “If I had one month to live” each day helps me live an intentional life.  I have to make sure that I schedule in those times that are most important.  Have you discovered the fact that, if you don’t decide what’s important, everyone else will be glad to decide it for you?  The thing that’s been the most effective about the One Month to Live lifestyle that we’ve heard from so many people is that they get very intentional about their time.  You see, time is your life.  You can spend it, invest it or waste it.  And, if you waste your time, you waste your life. In Ephesians chapter five, the apostle Paul writes from prison to the church in Ephesus and challenges them to make the very most of their time.  Are you doing that, or do you end the day wondering where all the time went?

Would you let me know today how you’ve been getting intentional doing the things that are the most important to you?  Maybe some suggestions on calendaring, or maybe just a story of how you’ve made time to do something that was most important. How did you schedule it and how did it make you feel?