September 18, 2018

Live Passionately!

Welcome to our One Month To Live Journey.  Each day, we invite you to join us by reading a chapter from One Month To Live.  Then, connect with some friends in a One Month to Live Life Group and share insights you’re learning to live a life of no regrets.  Personal challenges for you to apply in your life will follow each post; they will activate your faith as you encounter the risen Christ.  These daily posts on the blog will fall in four categories:

  • Live Passionately
  • Love Completely
  • Lear Humbly
  • Leave Boldly 

We encourage you to journal your responses to the daily challenges as we take this journey together.  I look forward to hearing how you are encountering Christ on the journey.

Week 1:  Live Passionately

It’s a sobering fact that our time on earth is limited.  Job 14:5 says, 

“Man’s days are determined; You have decreed the number of his months and have set limits he cannot exceed.” 

No matter how much this idea makes you squirm, it’s a fact.  No matter who you are, how young or old, what measure of success you’ve attained, or where you live, mortality remains the great equalizer.  With each tick of the clock, a moment of your life is behind you.  Even as you read this paragraph, seconds passed that you can never regain.  Your days are numbered and each one that passes is gone forever.

If you’re like me, you may be tempted to view this reality as harsh and unwelcome, to let it overwhelm and even paralyze you.  But that’s not my purpose – just the opposite.  I’m convinced that, rather than inhibiting us to play it safe, embracing our time on earth as a limited resource has incredible power to liberate us.  Most of us, if we knew we only had a month to live, would live differently.  We would be more authentic about who we are and more deliberate about how we spent our time.  But such a contrast begs the question:  What keeps us from living this way now? 

Let me get personal for a moment.  It will make your journey more meaningful.  

If you knew you had one month to live, how would you live differently? 

I want to challenge you to live the next 30 days as if they were your last and to write down what happened in your journal.

When I first took this challenge, I found that it wasn’t so much any huge changes that made such an impact in my life as much as the little, daily things that took on a whole new meaning to me and forever changed my life.  Taking my youngest two children to school every day became a real joy.  I became keenly aware of what a sacred moment every morning was to play twenty questions with Steven and to make up silly songs with my teenage daughter, Megan.  I made sure that I met my two oldest sons, Ryan and Josh, at their favorite restaurant once a week after school just to connect.  Looking back, now that they are all married, I have no regrets!  That’s the real benefit of the one-month-to-live lifestyle that you will experience in your journey.

So let me challenge you.  Be brutally honest with yourself.  Your time on earth is limited.  Shouldn’t you start making the most of it? It’s your one and only life. Live passionately!

Here’s some questions to help you kick start your One Month to Live challenge:

  1. As quickly as possible, without thinking too hard or too long, make a list of five things you’d change about your life if you knew you only had a month to live. Choose at least one to begin changing today – right now!
  1. Tell at least one other person – friend, family member, or co-worker – that you’re taking this journey. Ask that person to join you and help keep you accountable to the changes you’ve chosen to make in your life.
  1. Learn more about living passionately at our Life Class this Sunday following the final morning services on all our campuses. Register now and join us for a free lunch at the class.  If you are looking for a church home, we will also have our Membership Class that day with lunch as well.  Find a place where you belong at Woodlands Church and live passionately!