August 26, 2020

Let Grace Win the Day!

“I – yes, I alone – will blot out your sins for My own sake and will never think of them again.” Isaiah 43:25 (NLT)

If God chooses to never think of our sins again when we’ve been forgiven, then why do we? It seems to be human nature to remember the things we ought to forget and forget the things we should remember. In Jeremiah, God promised, “I will forgive their wickedness, and I will never again remember their sins.” Jeremiah 31:34c (NLT)

How often do you recall the failures in your past? Are you haunted by regrets? God underscored forgiveness by assuring us He will never again think of our sin! In other words, God chooses to forget! He chooses to never bring up the charges against us! That’s just the opposite with our accuser, the devil! He constantly tries to remind us of our dark past. One contemporary worship leader said, “When the devil reminds you of your past, just remind him of his future!”  I like that. Too many of God’s children live with self-imposed limitations because of past failures. 

The truth is, God uses those failures to display His glory and grace. It’s out of our brokenness that God brings blessing! God uses broken things. He used broken bread to feed a multitude. He used a broken life to win a Samaritan village to Christ. When Gideon was leading his band of 300 men against overwhelming odds, they were carrying torches and clay pots. It was only when the clay pot was broken that the light could shine through.

Have you ever considered how God may want to use the brokenness in your life? We think that brokenness disqualifies us. I’ve committed the “big” sin, so God can’t use me anymore. When we believe that lie, we forfeit the truth of redemption! We miss experiencing the power of grace that is greater than all our sin! Romans 5:20 (NIV) tells us “… where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” 

Let grace win the day! Claim your forgiveness in Jesus’ name! He died to set you free from your past and to offer you an unimaginable future! Love, the Bible says, keeps no record of wrongs. Satan is the one who says, “Remember when?” God says, “Remember what?” I love the way God puts it in Isaiah 43:25 (NLT) “I – yes, I alone – will blot out your sins for My own sake and will never think of them again.” 

If God chooses to forget them, maybe we should too! In fact, every time you’re tempted to remember, use the opportunity to praise God for His grace and forgiveness! Thank Him for His great love and the price He paid to set you free from your past. Then, move out into the glorious future He has for you!