May 22, 2012

Leaving a Dynamite Legacy

In 1888, Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who invented and produced dynamite and made a fortune with dynamite, was reading the newspaper one day and read his own obituary. You see, his brother had passed away recently and somehow the newspaper got the two mixed up and thought Alfred Nobel had died rather than his brother, so they printed his obituary.

Nobel was shocked to read his own obituary in the paper; but, he was much more distressed when he read the words “The Merchant of Death is Dead.” It went on to describe that his legacy was one of inventing something that helped people kill each other. He was shaken to the core by this appraisal of his life, and he vowed then and there that he would change his legacy with whatever time he had left.

He began to give away his wealth to make an impact, to do something that would be on this earth after he would leave; and then by the time he died, eight years later, he had left nine million dollars to start a fund to reward people who helped humanity, and that’s why you don’t know that Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite because that’s not really his legacy. His legacy is he was the founder of the Nobel prizes.

Are you doing anything with your one-and-only life that will be here after you’re gone? Are you doing anything with your time, your resources, your energy, your creativity and the gifts God has given you to do something that will last not just two years from now, not 20 years from now, but for all eternity?