December 11, 2012

Know My Heart

“Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” Psalms 139:23-24

In Luke 7:36-50, the woman with the alabaster jar of perfume saw her need clearly, but Simon didn’t see his need at all. Simon didn’t think that he had any needs because he had an outward vision. He was looking at life on the surface level. He never took the time to look deeper. He always looked at people on the outside, and he made judgments. If you looked at Simon from the outside, you would say that Simon has it all together. He’s wealthy, he’s a prominent member of society, he’s successful, he’s religious, he’s pious. Simon’s got it all together, but Jesus looked right past all of that, right into Simon’s heart, and he saw a cold, dark heart that was desperate. He was more desperate than the woman because he didn’t realize how desperate he was. Jesus looked right past his outward appearance, and he looked right into the heart, and He said, Simon, I want to tell you a story.

There were two guys who owed a lender. One owed the lender 50 bucks; the other owed the lender 500 bucks. Neither could pay their debt, and the lender cancelled both their debts. Now, which one do you think would love the lender more? Simon said, well, that’s kind of a silly story, but I guess the guy who had the bigger debt. Jesus said, you’ve answered correctly. Jesus was saying, Simon, you think you have no debt, you think you have no problem, you think you have no needs. This woman realizes her debt and how I paid her debt, so she loves Me extravagantly. She’s pouring out her heart extravagantly because she realizes what a great need she has for Me. You don’t realize your need, but you are needier than she is. You have just as much of a debt as she does, but you don’t even see it. That means you have the greatest need of all. You’re blinded by your pride. You can’t even see it.  Jesus is never fooled. He looks right past your successes and right into your heart, and He sees those feelings of inadequacy, and He sees those fears and those anxieties, those worries.

Today, Jesus looks right past that facade of happiness on the outside, and He sees right into your heart, and He sees your hurts and your wounds that you cover up, that you don’t want anyone else to see. He looks right past image, and He looks right into the heart. He looks right past our outward appearance, and He looks straight to the heart, and that’s why we need to say, God, search my heart. Show me my heart because when I see my heart, I’ll see my real need for Him. When I see my need for Him, it’s the first step to healing. The only people who ever get healed are those who admit they need healing. The only people who ever get forgiven are those who admit that they need forgiveness. I have to examine my heart, and then I’ll see my need.

But not only do I need to see my need, I also need to see my value. This woman didn’t see her value. She saw her need, but she couldn’t grasp her value until Jesus spoke to her, and Jesus still speaks value into our hearts. He wants to speak value into your heart today. This woman saw her need, but she couldn’t see her value until Jesus spoke. Do you listen to God’s voice speaking to your heart or are you more concerned with everyone else’s?