January 9, 2015

Introduction: Forty Day Journey with Jesus

Today you are beginning a journey that will impact every area of your life. Together we will read through four books in forty days: the Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each of these men were simply inspired to express in words what their encounter with Jesus Christ meant to them and those around them. You will soon recognize that the style and viewpoint of each writer is quite different. If you and three friends took a trip together and each of you kept a journal, your stories would emphasize different aspects of what you experienced.

In the same way, only by reading all four accounts of Jesus’ life do we get the big picture of what the life of Jesus Christ was really like. Matthew wrote from a Jewish perspective, while Luke saw Him from a medical physician’s viewpoint. Mark was younger and writes from a fast-paced, “motion picture” angle; and John wrote in a beautiful poetic style. As you read through these four books, you will experience the person of Christ more personally and powerfully than ever before.



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