June 20, 2012

Inside Out Project // Day 17

As we continue our Inside Out Project together, we want to remind you that change happens best when we focus on an eternal motivation, and that eternal motivation comes when you realize you need a power and a purpose beyond yourself.  So, download this week’s Prayer Card; and as you work on physical fitness, pray for the people listed that we are reaching in our WC mission projects.

Remember to keep your focus on our great God and His strength as we continue to challenge you to:


Every day, walk a mile to exercise your body; but as you do, pray for the people we are ministering to in the mission project on the weekly card.  If you already jog three or four miles a day, just bring the card along and pray for the hurting and hungry that are listed on the card.


Half the world lives on less than a dollar a day, and their diet consists of no more than one cup of rice and one cup of beans a day.  We are challenging you to eat at least one of your three daily meals like half the world does.  You may even want to go three or four days with eating only one meal a day (one cup rice, one cup beans).  When we feel a little twinge of hunger, it will remind us to pray and care for those who have nothing.

        3.  GIVE MY EXTRA OFFERING    June 23/24

As we lose pounds we don’t need, we can give pounds to people who desperately need it!    The weekend of June 23/24, we are having a special missions’ offering to give extra, thanking God for the weight we’ve lost and helping feed those who need it the most.

We’re praying for you.
-Kerry and Chris

Download this Inside Out graphic below and use it as your background for your iPhone or computer.

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