June 27, 2012

Heart for Haiti

My heart has always been for Haiti; but, after the devastating earthquake that hit in 2010, I felt even more compassion for their people and knew we had to help. My first trip there was only months after the earthquake, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Taking a connecting flight thru Miami, Florida, I was able to see how close this country is to us, yet how different it is.  We were barely able to get up in the air and have our Coke and peanuts before making the decent to land.  Everything was so shiny and expensive in the Florida airport, yet when we landed in Haiti it was just a pure and utter mess.

As the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti is just under 700 miles away from us. You can get there from the States faster than you can get from one side of Texas to the other.

We believe, at Woodlands Church, that the genuinely poor are those who are robbed of the ability to make decisions for themselves. They don’t get to choose if they drink clean water that day. There aren’t any other options. They don’t get to choose if their kids go to school or not because there is no school. They have no way to earn money to send them to school because there are fees. They don’t get to choose if they eat today or not. They don’t get to choose if they work because there is no opportunity to work. And that is the condition of life for many of the 9 million people who live in Haiti.  The incredible part is that we get to be a part of changing some of those things. We believe that as followers of Christ, it is our job to tell people about God’s love; and it is our job to show them what He is like. Really, all we have to do is show and tell. We tell them what He is like, and then we show them what God is like. We are actually His hands and His feet. We are His representation to people in the world.

Because the need is so great in Haiti, it takes very little to make a difference, to completely change someone’s life. And that’s what God wants us to do, to hone in on one person. Just love the person in front of you, just one hug. Going on a mission trip to Haiti isn’t meant for everyone. For some, God just wants you to pray; and for others, it is to give. Either way, God doesn’t want us to do nothing.