June 9, 2015

Grace Stories

by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect. 1 Corinthians 15:10a (NIV)

I love grace stories! Nothing energizes me more in ministry than hearing the impact of God’s grace on a life! There’s really no other explanation for life change but God! Once persecutor turned preacher, the Apostle Paul, said,

“by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect.” 

Effect means to cause to change or a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause. What caused the change in Paul? It was an encounter with grace! Paul was wreaking havoc among the early Church. He was there at the stoning of Stephen. Traveling to Damascus with orders to arrest Christ followers, he became one! He met Jesus, and he was never the same! No longer an enemy of the church, Paul became a church planter! Think of the confusion this must have created in the minds of both haters and followers of Christ! Yet, Paul knew grace had changed him and the effect of grace would soon be seen by all who knew him! Grace changes everything!

What’s your grace story? Last weekend, hundreds of Christ followers stepped out of their comfort zone at Woodlands Church at our Super Summer Baptism Celebration! It was an incredible experience! Only God can change a life. If you were among those baptized, I want to hear your grace story. Please share it with us! Your grace story is one of the greatest evidences for the existence of God! It encourages others. It was the grace story of an immoral woman from Samaria that met Jesus at a well, one day, that changed her entire city. It was the grace story of a Philippian jailer that saved his entire household! If you have received Jesus, you have a grace story too! You may not understand how He changed your life, but the fact that He did is all that matters. Old things passed away, and everything is becoming brand new in your life with Christ! To help you frame your grace story you may consider following these simple starting blocks.

  • Briefly describe your life before receiving Christ… 
  • How did you realize you needed Christ in your life? 
  • How did you receive Christ as your personal Savior from sin? 
  • Now that you have become a Christ follower describe the difference He has made in your life… 
  • Briefly describe your baptism experience at Woodlands Church… 

Paul never claimed to be perfect. It wouldn’t be grace if he was. He knew he had been forgiven and, by the grace of God, he was a new creation in Christ! Every day, every moment, every thought could be shared with Christ. God puts His grace on display in our lives to demonstrate His love and power to a watching and skeptical world.

Your grace story is unique. Never be ashamed to share it. Share it with us below!