November 27, 2012

Fueled With Purpose

There’s a powerful benefit to living a full-service life, rather than a self service life. My life is fueled with a purpose that comes from God. Whenever I live a full-service life in a self-centered world, my life gets fueled with God’s purpose. Look at Titus 3:14. “Have our people learn to give their time in doing good, to provide for real needs … not live useless lives.” You can waste your life, or invest your life, and God wants you to invest your life and not live a useless life. Do you know why there are so many bored people today? They are living useless lives. They are self-centered, and as a result, they’re bored, because meaning and purpose comes from serving. When I live a full-service life, I discover meaning. I discover a powerful purpose. Jesus put it this way in Mark 8:35. “ … Only those who throw away their lives for my sake, and for the sake of the Good News, will ever know what it means to really live.” He’s saying you’ve got to throw your life into me. Throw your life into others. You will never discover your purpose in life until you give it away. You’ll never discover meaning in life until you start learning to give your life away. Give your life away to your spouse. Give your life away to your kids. Give your life away to the people at your workplace, and God will fill your tank. You will discover meaning and purpose in life.

Is it natural for me to put others ahead of myself? No. It’s natural for me to look out for me. To meet my own needs. To think about my problems and my situation and what I am going through. It’s not natural for me to serve other people ahead of myself. It’s supernatural. But, when I serve myself first, it’s self-destructive. This is the core of what happiness is, and you won’t find it in a self-help book. You won’t find it in the philosophy of our society today. You’ll hear just the opposite, but there is truth from God’s Word on how you can find ultimate fulfillment and happiness and purpose. It comes from just the opposite of what we would naturally do because naturally we want to serve ourselves first. But, supernaturally, we can move from a self-service to a full-service life. What can you find in God’s word that will help you live a full-service life?