For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (NLT)

Good news!  God’s plan for you in 2017 is to really thrive, not just survive!  He wants you to flourish.  To flourish means to thrive with growth.  God wants you to thrive with growth in every area of your life.  But, how?  Whatever you nourish is going to flourish.  Over the next 40 days, we are going to discover how to nourish our lives in God’s Word so that we may flourish!  I promise you that this 40-day adventure could change your life for the next 40 years.  Each week, we will post a verse from Scripture online to meditate on for the entire week.  Think of it as nutrition for the soul.  Meditation is not emptying your mind, but filling it with the nutrition of God’s Word that will change your life.  Here’s an effective way to meditate on each week’s passage:

  1. Read it. – Think about the verse as you read it.
  2. Recite it. – Read it out loud a number of times, giving emphasis to different words in the passage.
  3. Remember it. – Commit the passage to memory so that you don’t even have to look at it. 
  4. Reflect it. – Let the passage sink from your head to your heart and begin to find expression in your life with everything that you do, say and think. Mull it over throughout your day at work and at home. Look for the practical ways this verse applies to your circumstances.

Start with the passage today.  As you read it, recite it, remember it and reflect it, you’ll begin to starve your fear and feed your faith.  You’ll begin to flourish as you nourish your life with food for the soul! 

  1. Cindy Heiser says:

    Thank you for this wonderful series Kerry and for your commitment to our flock day after day. We are praying for God to breathe his healing and life into sweet Jude.

  2. Larry Beltran says:

    Looking forward to see what God has in store over the next 40-days. My wife and I plan on joining the church this month at the new members orientation. We just moved back to the area, and we used to be members of Kerry’s dad’s church when we lived here before…

    On a different note, I just heard about Jude. Praying for his entire family…
    Larry Beltran

  3. Thank you for this. It comes at an important time in my life as I am trying break down some strongholds in my mind. I want to be free & will allow the Holy Spirit to do His work in me. Please pray for me to stay the course & to not give into temptation. Thank you for your continued sacrifices to the Gosple of Christ. May God bless you in every area of your life & ministry, in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. Praying for your family Kerry and Chris. I am so very sorry and the church feels the pain of losing Jude Samuel.
    May God give you peace in this time of sorrow.
    Be HELD!

    Keri Hefner

  5. This verse 2 Timothy 1:7 has gotten through many difficult days! This verse is deeply personal to me. This past Christmas was our (5 sisters and myself) 1st Chrismas without our mother. On Christmas morning to we ( my husband and I) were due to go to his’s family’s to celebrate Christmas. I had decided not to go. I couldn’t imagine going through this day without at speaking to my mother! So I had made up my mind to stay home and pretend this day was just like any other. I sat down in my favorite chair glanced at my memory board of bible verse and prayers only to lay eyes on this verse. As I read the verse aloud I realized I was letting fear control my life. As long as the Lord was by my side I was going to make! With no time to spare,we were on our way. I didn’t regret one moment! I stilled miss my mother but I knew that fear and timidity were of the devil not our sovereign God, I was not alone and I made it just fine. The devil was only trying to give me 365 more days to fear Christmas without my mother. Thank you Jesus for the gift of power, love and self-discipline. Thank you Jesus and praise your Holy name!

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