April 18, 2013

Firsthand Experience | Day 9

“Oh Wow” Moment

Today’s scripture to meditate on: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8–9

The following is an excerpt from Firsthand: Ditching Secondhand Religion for a Faith of Your Own by Ryan and Josh Shook.

Steve Jobs built the Apple corporation into one of the most valu- able and innovative companies in the world. He was also one of the great communicators of our time. His speeches unveiling new Apple products were legendary. But he uttered his most profound and powerful words on the last day of his life.

His sister, Mona Simpson, who was at his side, said his last words were “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” A few hours later he passed away.

We don’t know why Steve Jobs’s last words were “Oh wow.” We do believe, however, that most of us will have an “Oh wow” moment in the last minutes or hours of our lives on earth, when everything comes into brilliant focus, and we have total clarity on what really matters. We’ll have an “Oh wow” moment be- cause we’ll realize completely that our time on earth is limited, and we’ll wish we had spent more of our sacred seconds moving outside of ourselves and showing the love of Christ to others.

But here’s the thing. We believe God wants us to have that “Oh wow” moment long before our last moments on earth. Why? So we have time to do something that will outlast our one and only life on this earth. The sooner we have that moment, the better. And if we can have it when we’re young people making the transition from secondhand faith to firsthand faith, that’s best.

One of the ways God gives us a wake-up call is by putting what we call a “divine disturbance” in our souls. A divine disturbance is any way that God shakes us out of our selfish complacency and into the lives of others. For you it may come as a message whispered into your spirit by God’s Spirit, a troubling experience, a Scripture verse you can’t get out of your head, or something else. But it will always be God’s way of saying, “It’s time to wake up and join Me in the great things I’m doing in the world.” I challenge you to look for God’s divine disturbance in your life this week. Don’t settle for simply going through the motions. Seek out situations that push you outside your comfort zone and into God’s will.