July 24, 2012

Eternal Currency

I was on a mission trip with my family in Europe several years ago, and we were travelling from one country to another.  We got on a discounted airline, and this happened to be long before all of the discount airlines in the States.  Before we boarded the plane, my kids were griping and complaining, “Dad we’re so hungry, we’re so thirsty!”  I said, “Well let’s just get on the plane, and they’ll give us some peanuts and Coke or something.”   So we got on the plane and learned that this was one of those airlines that required you to pay to move your seat back a little bit.  It was crazy.  You had to put in a couple of Euros to open up the lavatory, you know, go to the restroom. I remember them pushing a cart by and saying that we needed to pay for the snacks, the peanuts, the Cokes and everything else.  You had to pay for refreshments; and they didn’t take credit cards, only cash.

Fully prepared, I got my wallet out and had a lot of cash, so offered them some dollars.  They quickly informed me that they didn’t take American dollars, only Euros.  I had forgotten to exchange my currency at the airport, and so my kids were saying, “Oh Dad, pray for us. We’re dying.”  Sure, they were going to minister to people, but they said, “Pray for us.  Pray for us.”

And I remember looking up and seeing my son Steven, who was probably eight at the time, had gone to the restroom in the back, and he was drinking out of the faucet.  He couldn’t read in a foreign language ‘not potable water’ and he wouldn’t have understood in English what potable is so he would have drank it anyway.   The whole point is, we were desperate; and I had plenty of money.  It was just the wrong currency.  And the moment you enter eternity, earthly currency becomes worthless.  In that one second, your earthly currency is worthless because you can’t take it with you.  Earthly currency doesn’t transfer into eternity.  You need eternal currency.

So, what you need to do is exchange some of your earthly currency for eternal currency now so that you will have eternal currency when you get there.  The Scripture tells us that you can’t take it with you.  But, you can send it on ahead by investing in the people going there, by making a difference in the lives of the people going to heaven by getting out the word of Christ and the works of Christ.