Spiritual Growth

Turning Your Failures Into Success

“Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Take the whole army with you, and go up and attack Ai.  For I have delivered into your hands the King of Ai, his people, his city and his land.”  Joshua 8:1  (NIV) Discouragement over the past […]

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In Between

Have you ever been in that place of in between? Maybe you are in between jobs or maybe you are in between a doctor’s visit and getting the test results back.  Perhaps you are going through a major crisis in your life and you feel like you are in between […]

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Eternal Currency

I was on a mission trip with my family in Europe several years ago, and we were travelling from one country to another.  We got on a discounted airline, and this happened to be long before all of the discount airlines in the States.  Before we boarded the plane, my […]

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One Shot

Take advantage of the opportunities God gives you on this earth. We only get one shot here in this life to do something that will outlast us and outlive us.  We only get one shot on this earth to do something that makes an eternal difference. One of my favorite […]

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Redefining Manhood Part 2: God's Autograph

In my last post on Redefining Manhood I talked about how God has signed unique characteristics, or autographs, onto the hearts of men. Every man is unique from every other but I have found three spiritual autographs that God has inscribed on the hearts of men. By identifying and talking about these […]

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Leaving a Dynamite Legacy

In 1888, Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who invented and produced dynamite and made a fortune with dynamite, was reading the newspaper one day and read his own obituary. You see, his brother had passed away recently and somehow the newspaper got the two mixed up and thought Alfred Nobel had died rather than […]

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