Life Balance

Maximizing Your Limited Time

While multi-tasking has become popular, studies have shown that multi-taskers are really suckers for irrelevancy. Imagine a pilot or surgeon multi-tasking for a minute! How would you feel paying a consultant and, while he is consulting you, he’s texting and checking on his fantasy football team or shuffling through papers for his next client? The secret to a fulfilled life is focus – not multi-tasking.

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The Right Aim in Life

What are you aiming at in life? Living a more focused life means aiming at the target God has for your life. The problem is that many people find themselves shooting at the wrong target or they just shoot randomly and, then, draw a circle around it like the guy in the cartoon comic.

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The Gift of Time

Where do you spend most of your time?  You might say at work or school.  The demands of life and responsibilities of day-to-day activities make it difficult for us to find balance.  You may have to make a radical adjustment in your schedule to make the time you need, both quality and quantity, with those you love the most.

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