January 31, 2014

Burnout Or Balance

He restores my soul….”

Psalm 23:3a (NKJV)

As refreshing as the holidays were, it doesn’t take long before life’s demands press in; and we find ourselves living hurried lives again. You’re either on the path to burnout or the path to balance right now. Before David was ever the great King of Israel, he was a shepherd; and it was while tending his sheep that God began preparing him for the task ahead. I imagine David writing his famous 23rd Psalm while in the fields one night. He discloses the intimacy of his personal relationship with God. “The LORD is my Shepherd….” God was not only powerful to David but also personal. Faith wasn’t a religion for him but a relationship. He reveals the secret to balance in this psalm. “He restores my soul….” If you want to take the path of balance and avoid burnout in your life, then follow the advice of David. Let God restore your soul. Make time to nourish your soul with His Word and prayer on a daily basis. Consider it your Divine Appointment. Let His Spirit renew your mind, refresh your heart and restore your soul. Get alone with God each morning for ten or twenty minutes. It’s in this daily discipline of solitude where we find strength for the day. In Psalm 119:28 the psalmist said, “My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to Your Word.” In those moments of quietness before God, you will begin to hear His voice and sense His presence. You will experience His comfort and receive His counsel for the decisions you’re facing. The greatest benefit of all, you will begin to know God as He reveals Himself to you, His purposes and His ways! In Mark 4:34, the Bible tells us And when they were alone, He (Jesus) explained all things to His disciples.” Have you ever been alone with God like that? He’s been waiting. Take out your Bible and meditate on this short psalm. It’s only six verses. Personalize it in your life and listen to what your Shepherd wants to say to you today.