April 9, 2016

Block Life: Meeting Spiritual Need


This is an update from Maria Mireles who is a leader at our Water Tower Block Life (BL) site. You can get involved with them by emailing

I imagine that sometimes God immediately reveals spiritual needs when we ask, but that was not the case for us. For a long time we were tending to people’s material, physical, and relational needs; from replacing a roof on a trailer to forming soccer teams we were invested in the neighborhood of El Tinaco (Water Tower).

Over time people started to trust us and revealed their spiritual needs. So, God began to send volunteers from different walks of life and backgrounds to help breach such spiritual gaps. Anthony, my husband, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that as it takes many hands to work the “fields” that are “ripe for harvest”. If you come to visit the BL Escuelita you will see volunteers using their God given talents to fulfill those needs by praying with people,  leading Bible study, teaching teens about Godly friendships, and even picking them up to attend WC Español on Sundays.

Our hearts are filled with much anticipation because we know that God has even more things in store for this ministry as we continue to be faithful. We’re believing God for a bigger place to hold classes, more people attending local churches or WC Español, teens stepping up to lead alongside our BL teen volunteers, residents caring and serving their neighbors in need, children off idle activities participating in sports and learning about God’s love, people in neighboring areas taking advantage of the different BL activities, men’s hearts being softened and open to the things of God and finding freedom from addiction, an army of loving volunteers with humble servant hearts, adult residents learning ways to expand their income to provide a better quality of life for their loved ones, residents taking responsibility and ownership for their neighborhood’s appearance, existent and newborn Godly leaders involved in BL activities planning, and any other things that He has for the volunteers and for El Tinaco residents.

How can you help? I’m glad you asked. The first answer is prayer! We invite you to believe with us that the God of the universe has a unique plan and purpose for every volunteer and every resident of El Tinaco. As Lucy, one of the volunteers put it (and I’ll try my best to translate) “The desire of our hearts is that out of this community would flow rivers of living water because they come to believe in Jesus Christ.” Secondly, we need more people invested in this community with us. If you feel God is leading you to check this community out, please contact us.

May God continue to open our spiritual eyes to see the hurt and need of those around us and to give us the wisdom, power and strength to respond in obedience to those needs.