May 16, 2015

The Beginning Of A Miracle

This story was submitted by Anthony Mireles, a leader and volunteer at one of our Block Life sites. Enjoy as he shares his story of listening to “The Voice” of God as Pastor Kerry has been sharing in his current series.

This past weekend our volunteer team worked with members of the community on beautification project as part of our Block Life outreach in Conroe. That in itself was awesome. It gave our team a wonderful opportunity to visit with most of the families living in the trailer park. However, that is not what this story is really about.

It was only the beginning of a miracle, which God was about to reveal to my family.

On Sunday morning I awoke with a tug on my heart. I felt that I needed to drive to Conroe and water the plants that were not given away as part of the project. I felt this urgency that I couldn’t let them die for lack of water. After hearing Pastor Kerry’s message on listening to and following God’s voice, the tug on my heart became stronger.

Later, I told my wife Maria that we needed to go to Conroe to water the plants. She reminded me that it was Mother’s Day though if I desired she would call a volunteer from the trailer park and ask him to water the plants. After all was completed that day, I arrived home about 7:30pm and soon asked Maria was if she had contacted the volunteer at the trailer park. She said there was no answer. I looked at her and said we have to water the plants and I ask her if she would accompany me to the trailer park. She agreed. As we got to the door, my son Anthony ask if he could go.

We arrived at the Buena Vista Trailer Park at about 8:15pm. I noticed a man named, Simon, who lives in the trailer next to the trailer we use as a community center, sitting in his truck. Anthony and I began moving the flats of plants and Maria went to open the small trailer. Simon approached us and kept saying that he had heard a voice telling him to come talk to us. Simon kept repeating that a voice told him that we were the ones that were going to show him the correct path.

He said that he sees us almost every day helping the community. He said that he knew that he was on the wrong path. He said he wasn’t a good husband to his wife nor a good father to his 7 children. He began to pour out all his feelings, confessing that he was an alcoholic and he couldn’t stop. He then went on to say that his desire is to have a family like ours serving God.

Maria and I took this opportunity to minister to Simon. We shared God’s love with Simon and prayed with him. In tears Simon asked for us to pray a blessing for him and his family. We did just that, explaining that in God’s eyes he is precious and that God has many blessings for him. After that, Simon prayed accepting Christ and His free gift of salvation. I then told him the next step in his journey is baptism, sharing with him the significance and influence that testimony would have for the entire community.

As I think back, the plant I was being told to water was Simon’s heart. It was to be watered with the living water that only Jesus can give. After Simon prayed a simple prayer of faith accepting Christ, the urgency I felt for watering plants vanished. Shortly after that it started to rain. God was watering the plants. This experience has humbled Anthony, Maria and I. It has made us all stronger in our own Christian walk as we listened and obeyed the voice of God. We got to witness a miracle by simply obeying what we heard to do.