July 1, 2020

A Vision for Your Marriage

“Give my greetings to Priscilla and Aquila, my co-workers in the ministry of Christ Jesus.” Romans 16:3 (NLT)

Like you, I have my own list of Bible heroes, those great men and women of God that were used mightily to change history, save nations, and lived courageously. We could all name off a list of them like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Esther, Peter, Paul and Mary (not the folk singers of the ’60s) just to mention a few. Among these giants of the faith, I’m particularly impressed with a married couple named Aquila (the husband) and his wife, Priscilla. I love the description of them that Paul gives as “… my co-workers in the ministry of Christ Jesus.” and the challenge they present to every Christian couple that elevates God’s purpose in marriage.

One author put it like this when considering this couple: “In an age when the focus is mostly on what happens between a husband and wife, Aquila and Priscilla are an example of what can happen through a husband and wife.”

If you’re married, have you considered what God may want to do through you as a couple, especially in this time of confinement together? What a challenge! If you’re single and seeking a mate, have you considered what it is that God may want to do through your marriage with the partner you are seeking? When we are introduced to Aquila and his wife in Acts 18, we find a couple who are available to God in the midst of transition. Tentmakers by trade, they’ve just been deported from Rome and were trying to settle in a new city called Corinth when they meet a missionary who needed a place to stay. That missionary was Paul, the apostle! Their lives would never be the same! What a difference their simple availability and willingness to be used made in their marriage and in the Kingdom of God!

Later we see them used of God in mentoring another rising star among the apostles by the name of Apollos and finally planting a church in their home when they moved back to Rome. Paul described them like this, “They once risked their lives for me. I am thankful to them, and so are all the Gentile churches.” Romans 16:4 (NLT) They were partners together in ministry! What a vision for marriage!