Day 4: Thursday, January 14, 2016

Join us every day as we develop the spiritual habit of reading God’s Word – The Divine Map and learn to follow the Divine Guide – the Holy Spirit as He navigates us through the confusing times we live with clarity and peace.


Navigate Psalm 119:19 (TLB)

“I am but a pilgrim here on earth:  how I need a map – and Your commands are my chart and guide.”

Years ago, sailors navigated the seas by looking to the heavens.  Ships in ancient times had no compass, so they charted their course by the stars.  You can only imagine how frightening and dangerous it must have been when the weather was overcast.  Storms made sailing almost impossible.  The Psalmist in our passage today could relate.  Whether you’re at sea or just trying to navigate the confusing times in which we live, you need a Divine map.  God has provided that map for us in His Word, the Bible.  We only have to turn to its pages and trust its author to find clarity and peace.  


As you pray today, purpose to trust God’s direction and follow it.  Proverbs says,

“A man is a fool to trust himself!  But those who use God’s wisdom are safe.” Proverbs 28:26 (TLB)

Look to the heavens and ask God for wise counsel and, then, look to His Word and listen to what His Spirit is saying.  As a Christ follower, you have been given the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Begin to cultivate a more intimate relationship with His Spirit through prayer and praise.  Experience the wonder of His presence that offers you peace and confidence that He will see you through.


  1. What is God showing you through today’s Bible reading?
  1. How has God been guiding you over the past few days as you have been seeking Him? Chart the path He is leading you and put dates by your prayer requests with how He is answering them.
  1. Great start to Day 4, stay on course brothers and sisters in Christ. DO NOT allow the enemy to take you off, steady the course…

    • I had a client that was going to tell me a story regarding an incident in his life, but he prefaced the story by asking me if I believed in Christ and went to church services regularly. I looked at him whimsically, and said yes that I am a believer and attend church regularly. He didn’t tell me his story, and I didn’t ask him why. God and Jesus has been good to me in my life even thought I have sinned against him throughout my life and for someone that has deserved little of his love. All I can do now is follow him and understand / practice his teachings for the remainder of my life here on Earth. Thank you Jesus for being with me in times of challenge, and allowing me opportunities to know you better.

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