January 30, 2016

21 Days of Clarity: Day 20

Day 20: Saturday, January 30, 2016

Join us every day as we develop the spiritual habit of reading God’s Word – The Divine Map and learn to follow the Divine Guide – the Holy Spirit as He navigates us through the confusing times we live with clarity and peace.



We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…. 

We live in an ocean of uncertainty today.  Winds of worry can blow us off course and leave us shipwrecked.  In times like these we need an anchor that keeps us firm and secure.

Many years ago, a captain of an English ship sailing near Turkey was caught in a storm. With no harbor nearby he let down a large anchor, but the wind blew so fiercely that it began to drag the anchor. It couldn’t get a grip on the sandy seabed and so the ship began to drift. Another anchor was let down but it too refused to take hold and the ship was drifting nearer and nearer the shore and soon would be stranded. There was only one little anchor left but the captain felt sure that it wouldn’t be of any use. In a final effort to secure his ship, the captain let down the small anchor and to his surprise the chain tightened. Soon the ship was held fast and by the help of the little anchor it rode out the storm.

When the time came to lift the anchors, the big ones came up easily for they hadn’t caught on the seabed, but the little anchor refused to come up. After a great deal of effort it came up little by little as it was unusually heavy. Something came up with it. It was another anchor. The little anchor had caught in the ring of the anchor of a great battleship that had been lost there years before, and that’s why the little anchor held so firmly.

There’s a real message in that story. If a very little anchor can slip into the great strong grasp of a warship’s anchor, it receives all the great anchor’s strength. It’s just the same with us. Our faith may be small, but if it’s put into the great strong keeping of Jesus, all His love and strength and goodness will hold us safe and keep us firm and secure through the storms of life.


Is your life anchored to Christ?  Take what little bit of faith you have and through prayer connect it with the great God who can anchor your soul through any storm.  Begin to rest in His strength to hold you and guide you through an ocean of uncertainty.  It’s not about your ability to hold onto God but His ability to hold you.   


  1. What is God showing you through today’s Bible reading?
  1. With only one more day in our 21 Days of Clarity journey, this would be a great time to look back and reflect on what God has done. How has He guided your life?  It’s really amazing to chart the course of how God has led you.  Finding clarity as you walk with Christ gives you confidence to face the future.  Keep seeking God in prayer and logging what He is doing in your life.  It will not only encourage you but offer hope to others as well.