January 23, 2016

21 Days of Clarity: Day 13

Day 13: Saturday, January 23, 2016

Join us every day as we develop the spiritual habit of reading God’s Word – The Divine Map and learn to follow the Divine Guide – the Holy Spirit as He navigates us through the confusing times we live with clarity and peace.


Navigate Romans 8:14 (NLT) 

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. 

To navigate the uncharted waters of life, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit as our GPS.  To be led by the Spirit of God is one of the distinguishing characteristics of God’s children. A true Christ follower is led by the Holy Spirit. We don’t chart our own course. We chose to submit every decision to God in prayer, first, before taking action. As Lord of our lives, God guides us wherever, whenever, and however He chooses. Our job is to follow Him and trust Him implicitly.

Sometimes, the direction doesn’t make sense; yet, convinced of His love and care, our confusion gains clarity as we respond in obedience. The one who wrote this passage, Paul the Apostle, is a great example himself; he was led by the Spirit. The Spirit of God opened and closed doors for Paul and directed his path on each of his missionary journeys. In Romans 15, Paul writes to the church in Rome and tells them of his plan to visit them. Convinced that God was leading him there, he lays out his travel plans. What he didn’t know was how God was going to get him there. Luke filled in the details in the book of Acts. When Paul was falsely charged and imprisoned in Jerusalem, it seemed impossible a trip to Rome would ever work out. But, one night, the Spirit of God appeared to Paul and said,

“Be encouraged, Paul.  Just as you have been a witness for me here in Jerusalem, you must preach the Good News in Rome as well.” (Acts 23:11) 

After being transferred to another prison in Caesarea for two years, Paul finally found himself on a ship to Rome where he stood trial. The trip to Rome wasn’t what he expected. After over 14 days in a fierce storm, he was shipwrecked on an island and bitten by a snake. Is this what it means to be led by the Spirit? Eventually, Paul did make it to Rome where his presentation of the gospel would penetrate even the walls of the Emperor’s palace. Being guided by the Spirit of God doesn’t always mean smooth sailing, but there’s no safer place to be than in the will of God!


Are you charting your own course in life, or will you be led by the Spirit? As a Christ follower, ask the Holy Spirit to guide your steps and lead you where God would have you to go and empower you to accomplish your God-given destiny.  


  1. What is God showing you through today’s Bible reading?
  1. How has the Spirit of God led you? As you pray for His guidance, what do you sense He is leading you to do? Even if the path is difficult, trust that God will accomplish all He leads you to do.