Slake Films Productions


Do you ever feel empty? Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and there’s nothing there? We’ve all been there, we all know there’s more, but what is it and where do we find it? We are constantly searching for that next thing to fill our emptiness. We’ve tried everything from television and the internet to drugs and pornography, but after the party is over, after your friends leave, after the high is gone, or right after you get what you thought you wanted are you full? Is your life overflowing with that purpose and fulfillment you know you were designed for?


We live in a persistent state of motion - constantly moving toward one thing and away from another. We fill our days and lives with so many chases that we sometimes begin to lose sight of what we were running after in the first place. “Chasing” is a modern day parable meant to convey one of life’s most pressing questions: What are we supposed to be looking for in a world full of seemingly meaningless chases?

Picture Perfect

We live in a world filled with pain. From the kid across the street to the family across the world - everyone is struggling with something. It’s often easiest to simply ignore the pain of others because we have enough of our own problems to deal with. Picture Perfect is a short story of one person’s struggle played out entirely in reverse. This powerful short film reminds us that there are people all around us who feel like giving up, and who desperately need to know that someone cares.


We spend most of our time trying to take control of situations and relationships in our life. We’ve trusted and been burned, loved and been hurt, all the while depending on ourselves. But, if we’re to experience life and all it has to offer, maybe it’s time to let go. Control is a short film that explores the beauty in letting go and the freedom it brings.

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